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Five Minute Friday: Nothing

By Jeanne Takenaka

I know I don’t usually post on Fridays. I learned about a concept of writing for five minutes on a one word prompt. i decided to take the challenge. I don’t know if I’ll post every Friday, but I want to try. These posts will be simpler and probably not as consistent as my normal postings on Tuesdays. I hope you’ll enjoy and join in the conversation.


Nothing . . . 

What I felt like as a girl in elementary school. Taunted by classmates, teased and spit upon.

Made to feel less-than.

How is it that what other people thought of me became so important as to negate who Jesus created me to be?

Nothing . . .

In womanhood, I still struggle with feelings of being “nothing” in others’ eyes.


Not worth others’ time and attention.

But God . . .

In God’s eyes, I’m not nothing. He created me with a purpose and

He loves me,

and that makes me something.

Something special to Him.

Something—someone—He has plans for because He loves me.

When I begin to feel like Nothing, I remember that in His eyes I’m Something.

Someone worth sacrificing for.

I’m something because He loves me. He sings over me, rejoices over me. He delights in me.

When people miss the Something that I am, I limp to my Father and remember that He loves me. In His eyes I’m something, not nothing. Not insignificant.

So it is with each person on this globe. Each person is a treasure. No one is Nothing in His eyes.

He holds each of us in the palm of His hand, cherishing us because in His eyes, we are something . . . something special to Him.

What about you? When you hear the word, “Nothing,” what comes to mind?